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How do I get a library card?

6439 views   |   6   3   |   Last updated on Jul 30, 2015    Library card

An Arlington Public Library card is free. Information on acquiring a library card can be found here - ... read more

How do I renew my library card?

3114 views   |   4   6   |   Last updated on Aug 13, 2018    Library card Renew your library card

Library cards must be renewed every two years in person. You may do this at any branch by presenting a government-issued ID that has a photo, recent proof of your current address, and paying any balance owed in full. You can find more account information here ... read more

Does the library have eBooks?

2944 views   |   3   5   |   Last updated on Aug 13, 2018    Tumblebooks eBooks OneClick Overdrive Zinio

The library offers eBooks, downloadable audiobooks and digital magazines through our partnerships with Overdrive, Ebrary, and RBdigital. You can find direct links to this content by searching by author or title through our online catalog records or explore this content here - The only requirement is to have a library card in good standing and access to a compu... read more

Do I have to have a library card to use the computer?

2531 views   |   4   1   |   Last updated on Aug 13, 2018    Public computer Library card

If you do not qualify to get a library card you can use our computers by purchasing a public computer user only card for $25/year or by purchasing a public computer guest pass for $1/session. ... read more

Can I renew my books online?

2405 views   |   3   4   |   Last updated on Aug 13, 2018    Renew materials Automatic renewal

Yes! You can absolutely renew your books online using our website. You can renew items up to 3 times - you will not be able to renew if another person has placed a hold on the title. 1) Go to 2) Click on 'Help' in the Menu and go to 'My Account.' 3) Enter in your library barcode and pin/password. 4) After you're logged in, on the right hand side of the webpage, click on 'I... read more

What are the libraries overdue charges?

2385 views   |   2   2   |   Last updated on Aug 13, 2018    Damaged items Overdue charges Fines and fees

You will never be fined for checking out digital books! All of our other overdue charges are  .25 cents a day. For more information, including fines for damaged or lost items click here - ... read more

Do you have copy machines or a scanner?

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Yes, all locations have new copy machines and scanners. The machines offer the following services, including faxing:​ Black and white copies at $.15 a page Color copies at $.50 a page Digital scans at $.05 a page. Scans may be emailed or saved to a thumb drive. Domestic faxes at $1 per page. The library does not offer international faxing. These services may currently be paid for in cash. Other ... read more

Does the library have free Wi-Fi?

2099 views   |   1   3   |   Last updated on Jul 30, 2015    Wi-Fi

Yes, you can use the library Wi-Fi from any of our library locations. The following information may assist you with connecting: Network Name or (SSID): LIB_ONLINE Network Mode: Infrastructure IP or Network Settings: DHCP enabled or Obtain an IP address automatically WEP: Disabled DNS: Obtain DNS address automatically Gateway: No default gateway set—your card should detect it automatically ... read more

How do I request that the library purchase a new book?

2021 views   |   2   5   |   Last updated on Aug 13, 2018    Suggestion Request Purchase

We love to hear your suggestions! Please fill out this form - and the request will go to our Collection Development team. ... read more

How do I find out what my password or PIN is to log into my account?

2015 views   |   1   3   |   Last updated on Aug 05, 2019    Password

If you have an email attached to your account and know your library barcode, you can reset your password online. Otherwise, please come to one of our locations with your photo ID to reset it. ... read more

How do I request that you get something from another library if you don't have it?

1870 views   |   2   1   |   Last updated on Aug 13, 2018    Inter-library loan Request

Our Inter-library loan program can search a multi-state area for a title that you are interested in. There is a $2.00 fee for this services and a form that needs to be filled out. Items that cannot be requested are digital materials and materials less than 6 months old. For more information -   ... read more

How do I volunteer at the library?

1842 views   |   5   1   |   Last updated on Jul 30, 2015    Community service Volunteer

The library has lots of opportunities for you to make a difference volunteering! To get started visit this page and fill out our application - We only accept community service volunteers through the Arlington Municipal Teen Court program. We are unable to accept or authorize any other court ordered community service volunteers at this time ... read more

What is auto-renewal?

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We are making it easier for you to get your items back on time with auto renewal! Your items will renew automatically before they are overdue with certain limitations. Conditions that would prevent automatic renewals include: if the item has a waiting list; if the item has already been given the maximum amount of renewals; you’ve exceeded the material type loan limit (Mansfield and Kennedale item... read more

How do I pay fines online?

1640 views   |   0   5   |   Last updated on Jul 30, 2015    Pay online Fines and fees

How to Pay Fines Online Log into your library account. Click Fines & Fees on the left hand side. Select the fines and fees to be paid. Click "Pay Fines Now" icon. Enter your credit card information and submit payment. You will receive confirmation on screen and by email. ... read more

I've lost a book and need to know what to do.

1617 views   |   2   1   |   Last updated on Oct 27, 2015    Donate Lost book

We recommend you renew the book for up to 3 renewals if you think there is a chance it will turn up. If the item is lost, there will be a charge for the item's replacement fee in addition to a $5 processing charge. You can contact us for the exact cost - You also have the option of replacing the lost item with a brand new copy as long as the ISBN number ma... read more

What computer classes do you offer?

1605 views   |   1   3   |   Last updated on Aug 13, 2018    Computer classes

The Arlington Public Library offers a number of computer classes at our Downtown location. You can register for classes online or by calling 817-459-6900. If the classes are full or at a time when you can't attend we offer many other ways to learn online. There is more information here - ... read more

I've lost my library card number - can you send it to me?

1582 views   |   1   3   |   Last updated on Oct 27, 2015    Lost library card

For security reasons, the library will need to cancel your old card and issue a new one. Please visit any library branch and present a government-issued ID that has a photo and recent proof of your current address. There is a $1 fee for a replacement card. ... read more

I can't pick up my hold in time - what can I do to get my item?

1566 views   |   3   2   |   Last updated on Aug 05, 2019    Holds pickup

Please contact us via phone, email or chat and we are happy to help extend the hold time (if possible), cancel your request, or make a new hold! As of August 1, 2019, the Arlington Public Library no longer charges a reshelving fee. If you cannot pick up your hold on time, you will not be charged. Did you know that you can cancel or suspend your holds by log... read more

Do you have classes where I can study to earn my GED?

1464 views   |   1   4   |   Last updated on Aug 13, 2018    Literacy GED

The Arlington Public Library provides GED classes through its literacy program, Arlington Reads. Our volunteers teach classes and tutor in various subjects. Students receive an account with an online GED program to study from any computer with internet access. There is a $25 yearly fee. Click here for more information on the GED and Literacy classes - read more

How do I register to vote?

1434 views   |   2   2   |   Last updated on Jul 30, 2015    Library card Register to vote

Texas residents can find information on registering to vote here: ... read more

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